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  • Eco Twin Smart

    The ECO TWIN SMART line of shredders has been created for the grinding materials as plastic, paper, cardboard, electric cables, tires, organic waste, bulky waste etc., depending on the different sizes and configurations of them. The ECO TWIN SMART line is made of sturdy and heavy carpentry, and assembles planetary gearboxes with low rpm, driven by an inverter, which allow high performance at low energy consumption. The use of special materials for the construction of blades and cleaners makes it possible that these have a several long life with consequent savings in maintenance costs.

  • Shiva

    The double-shaft crusher SHIVA is suitable for primary shredding of WEEE, bulky waste and aluminium; it’s ideal as bags opener in the sorting and selection plants for Urban Solid Waste. The machine is available in two rotor sizes with different types of control units, to meet the most varied processing requirements of treatable materials.

  • Dracula

    The primary double-shaft shredder DRACULA is a machine designed for primary roughing of solid urban waste, aluminium, bulky waste, used car tyres and wood. It can be fixed or movable, with electrical or diesel power engine. In both cases the transmission is hydraulic. In the movable configuration the machine is mounted on mobile tracks  and it includes a conveyor belt and a built in magnetic separator. The handling of the shredder is tracked through a radio-control for complete safety.

  • Mercury

    MERCURY is a double shaft shredder that has been specially designed for volumetric reduction of turn-based chip, deep drilling and mechanical machining. Mercury can also be used to shred small quantities of paper. It is the perfect solution to be put by the mechanical machining section because it can be applied with a chip wash and dewatering system.